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Shade Garden Kit

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32 Plants in 3" pots – 8 Species
The plants in this kit are adapted to the low light conditions caused by trees in forests. They will also thrive well in urban environments in shaded areas caused by structures such as homes or buildings. Some of our favorite plants to use for gardens are shade plants due to their lush foliage and interesting leaf shapes. The components in this kit were chosen for their wide range of tolerance to different soil types in shaded conditions. Species are subject to change due to availability.


  • Aquilegia canadensis - Wild Columbine
  • Anemone cylindrica – Thimbleweed
  • Diarrhena obovata - Beak Grass
  • Asclepias exaltata - Poke Milkweed
  • Solidago caesia – Bluestem Goldenrod
  • Conoclinium coeslestinum – Mist Flower
  • Symphyotrichum shortii – Short’s Aster
  • Blephilia hirsuta – Hairy Woodmint



About The Plant


Partial, Shade


Medium-Wet to Medium-Dry


Spring to Summer



Average Height

2-3 ft