Our Roots

New Leaf Native Plant Nursery was founded by owner, Chris Oesterling, in 2016 while Chris was studying Environmental Science at Eastern Michigan University. The classes he took on plant identification and habitat restoration started his ongoing passion for native plants. Already an avid outdoor enthusiast and gardener, along with an overwhelming lack of locally grown natives, the decision to open a native plant nursery was born.

Since opening, we have propagated over 300 different species of plants native to the Midwest and continue to add new ones every year. The majority of our plants are grown from seed while some of the rarer, more difficult, species may be asexually propagated through cuttings. We rely on a combination of hand collection and sourced seed from providers in our eco-region to produce our plant material. Our plants are grown and sold in fully rooted plugs, as we find it to be the most economical and space-efficient way to serve our customers, although, we will, occasionally offer perennials and woody material in larger containers.

Over the years we have expanded our growing space and production numbers to offer wholesale pricing to qualified customers. Our current clients include, but are not limited to home gardeners, landscapers, contractors, nurseries, and environmental organizations. During our time operating the nursery, we have been encouraged by the continuously increased interest in native plants and are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the movement. Our goal is to facilitate the increase in natural habitat and biodiversity by providing the highest quality plant material possible.

New Leaf Natives throughout the years. We've always been a family business: from small markets to showing our oldest daughter the expanded nursery property.