Our F.A.Q. can hopefully answer any questions you might have. If you have a question you don't see here, we would love for you to get in touch with us! Please either fill out a contact form or calling directly at 734-330-7175.


Do you offer wholesale? 

  • Yes! For more information on wholesale, please view "Wholesale" from our navigation or click here

I lost my order information and need to schedule my pick up time. 

  • We are always available via phone or email, just reach out and we can get your pick up date scheduled. We do not fulfill orders until pick up time is scheduled. You can contact us by either filling out our contact form or calling directly at 734-330-7175.

Do you offer individual plants during preorder?

  • Yes, just make sure your order reaches the $50 minimum.

I lost my invoice/order confirmation - how am I supposed to pick up my order without it? 

  • You will need to contact us by either filling out our contact form or calling directly at 734-330-7175. If you're on your way to pick up and can't find your invoice/order confirmation, please bring your credit card/payment method. 
  • There should be a copy of your order confirmation in your email inbox. We suggest checking your spam folder and searching "New Leaf Natives." 

Can I set up a time to visit?

  • Yes, you can, however, we recommend that you are experienced in native plants and are familiar with Latin names of species.  We operate as a wholesale nursery, which means, most of our customers know what they are looking for when they arrive. We do not have the staffing to do walk throughs and explanations of different species. We do offer consultation services if you need help finding the right plants for your particular site.

How long will you hold an order?

  • Plants held for longer than 2 weeks after scheduled pick-up will incur a 15% holding fee.

I’ve picked up my plants, but I’m not ready to plant them, how long will they be ok in their current containers for and how do I take care of them until I’m ready to plant them?

  • Plants will actually be fine sitting in their containers for an entire season, and possibly longer depending on the care given.  We recommend keeping plants in a partially shaded location and watering daily until they are ready to be planted.

How deep should I plant my natives?

  • The depth of the hole you dig should be equal to the amount of potting mix on the plant.  When planted in the ground, the crown should sit even or slightly lower than the surrounding soil to prevent water from running away from the plant rather than towards it.

How often should I water my new plantings?

  • This depends  heavily on the weather.  Cooler temperatures and moist temperatures in the spring will allow for almost no watering maintenance, while hot dry temperatures in July may require almost daily watering.  Try to use common sense, it's generally better to overwater rather than underwater in the first few weeks of establishment. 

Should I fertilize or amend my soil?

  • The beauty of native plants is that when they are sited correctly, they require no additives once established.  That means no fertilizer, water, or compost should be applied.  Hopefully you have done your research or consulted with someone experienced who has helped you pick the right plants for your location to create a truly sustainable landscape. These species evolved to exist on this landscape without previous intervention and will continue to do so without it.