Our Plants

Growth Cycle



  1. Seed is sourced through hand collection and local suppliers in our eco-region the year before production.
  2. Seed is cleaned, processed, and stored until it is for stratification (a process we use to mimic the natural exposure to low temperatures and moisture).
  3. Stratified seed is planted in mini-plug trays and flats to germinate in our heated growing areas in early winter.
  4. Once seeds have germinated, they are grown in deep plugs until their roots have fully filled the container. Deeply developed roots help improve out planting success.
  5. Plugs purchased in spring have been vernalized and will more than likely produce flowers that same year. Plugs purchased in late-summer through fall were germinated earlier in the year and will likely flower the following season.
  6. Plugs are quality checked before being listed as ready for purchase online. 
  7. As a wholesale and retail provider, plants can either be potted up for resale or planted directly into the garden for immediate enjoyment! 


Current Container Sizes Offered

 38 Cell Deep Plugs
The majority of our herbaceous material is sold in our deep plug trays.  It is our experience that selling our plants in plug form is more environmentally conscious, economically beneficial to the consumer, and often produces a plant the same size as a larger container by the following year. 


4x14 Treepot
Comparable in volume to the standard nursery 1 gal, we use the 4x14 for the majority of our trees and shrubs. We choose to grow in this container because it provides the advantage of a deep root system that prioritizes depth over width, leading to greater out planting success.  Contractors will also appreciate the space saving benefits, allowing for more trees to be packed in per square foot during pick-ups and deliveries. It is our experience that a tree planted in a 4x14 will catch up to the size of a 10 gallon tree planted at the same time within 5 years.

3.5 x 5 Square Pot

Comparable to a 1qt container, we use this pot to produce our finished ferns.  Ferns can often be delicate and benefit from the extra root space for the best out planting success rates when compared with plugs.  The 3.5x5 is the perfect compromise between extra size and affordability.